About Us

The International Center for Media Studies (ICMS) is a division of Far East Broadcasting Company and was founded in 2007.  The ICMS was created to assist religious and non-profit organizations with the following three objectives:

  • To better discern spiritual and physical needs of people they serve
  • To design and deliver the most effective set of solutions to meet those needs
  • To measure and report the effectiveness of those solutions

In large parts of the world, the physical and spiritual needs of people are enormous, especially in post-conflict environments, following natural and man-made disasters, conditions of extreme poverty, and in religiously or politically oppressed countries.  These are the regions and countries where ICMS focuses its attention.

ICMS integrates three areas: research, training, and publication. Under the direction of Dr. Robert Fortner, ICMS uses research as the basis for publications, symposia, and workshops to assist clients in maximizing their use of media and communication technologies.

Additionally, ICMS introduces mission-oriented and non-profit organizations to churches and organizations interested in partnerships that respond to human, spiritual and physical needs. It also provides innovative tools to organizations, allowing them to assess their impact in a specific setting, plan new initiatives, and better understand the context in which they are currently work or wish to work.

ICMS integrates global, superior research with more than 65 years of international broadcast experience.

Mission Statement

To provide knowledge of the role and application of media and emerging communication technologies in international settings that serves as a springboard to action.


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