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Impact of Emerging Technology Minimal in Reaching East Africa

By Robert S. Fortner

Impact of Emerging Technology Minimal in Reaching East Africa

Radio is by far the most important, most used, and most trusted medium of communication in East Africa. People use it both for accessing information and for entertainment. 

It is an indispensable tool for learning about dangers to community, obtaining advice on a variety of issues, and fueling the daily conversations carried on by people in an oral society.

Many other institutions, including governments and churches, do not share the same level of trust as radio. People in rural communities report a whole host of difficulties that they must deal with on a daily basis. Infant and child mortality remains high, people struggle to put food on the table, and lack employment and sufficient resources to live comfortably. 

Nevertheless, they remain hopeful, stepping in to help one another when required, raising children not their own, and seeking more schooling and better lives for their children. 

There are many opportunities for the church in Africa to reach out to people, capitalizing on its reputation as a significant guarantor of peace in conflict-torn areas, and providing new opportunities for education to people. 

The expectations of the church are much higher than for Islamic mosques and witch doctors, although there are significant percentages of people who do consult with witch doctors on medical issues where there is a lack of medical professionals. They continue to be thought of by many as experts on evil spirits, as well. 

Essentially the 3,600 people we interviewed lack the sort of professional assistance across a variety of areas that would make their lives easier, and look to all the resources available to them to help get through the day.

Radio is overwhelmingly that resource.

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